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Affordable giclée prints for sale in multiple sizes!

Art UP

Who is Jessgo?

Jessica has been creative her entire life. Amazingly selling over 1500 original paintings over the course of the last 20 years her art has taken her around the world and is in private collections across the globe. for more depth into her world and the many collections of artworks and original pieces of art.

Pop Art + Feminity

Jess is no stranger to having painted female figures and pop art most of her career. Now they're finally for the first time available in print/giclee format for her very special clientelle to enjoy.

Specifically Designed

With loads of care and careful consideration, these prints were selected as some of the most popular art pieces in Jessica's collection, so why not bring them to life in your home right!!! Yes, that's what we thought too!!!

Today is the day!

Long over due Jess is offeirng awesome personalized prints straight to your home.

Jessica's artwork adds energy, movement, and inspiration to any room! I can't remember what this room felt like without her stunning work in there"

Elizabeth Heggie

When I'm around Jess's art I feel fully ignited to show myself with authenticity to the world, her vibrant energy goes thorugh her fingers and reminds us how colour enlightens our grey days, her pieces of art are a total soul expression that soothes my heart"

Joa Rivers Fitness

Bringing life to all corners of my home! Her eclectic style, array of colours, it all comes together in a magical piece of art. I love my Jessgo piece so much and get so many compliments on it, definitely a conversation starter. Can't wait to fill my other empty walls with her creations!"

Brigitta Kogut